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David Bureš

Hi! My name is David Bureš (you can call me Dave) and I'm an interpreter, translator and proofreader of Czech and English (and a bit of Japanese). But, most important of all, I'm a freelancer! 😆

But that's already written on the frontpage. Want to know more about me? You've come to the right place.

1st June, 1998

I was born on the 1st June in 1998, in a hospital in Kroměříž. I attended the 3rd Grade school in Holešov a couple years later.

High School


In 5th grade, I transferred to Ladislav Jaroš High School, still in Holešov. I taught myself English, Japanese and a tiny bit of Chinese while there.

My free time was pretty packed with teaching myself other things, like how to write web pages (made this one 😉), how to use all kinds of software (Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Blackmagic Fusion and Resolve, GIMP, Affinity Photo...), how to use various Linux distributions, along with macOS and Windows, and how to master Google.


Cambridge Certification


At age 15, I tested my English abilities by taking the tests needed to get the Cambridge English FCE. I passed all of them and am 'FCE-certified' since then.


First Published Translation


The first scientific article translated by me was published that very same year, marking my entrance into the realm of translators. This article was 'The relationship between rheological characteristics of gluten-free dough and the quality of biologically leavened bread', translated from Czech into English.

First Interpreting Job


I got my first interpreting gig, two-way simultaneous interpretation between Czech and English at the 2016 Czecho-Slovak Waze meetup, two years later.

I've been a recurring interpreter there every year since then.

Graduated High School


I completed the maturita graduation exam in Czech, Mathematics, English and Physics in summer 2017.

I was accepted into two undergraduate programs: Japanese Studies at Masaryk University in Brno and English for Community Interpreting and Translation at Palacký University in Olomouc. After much thought, I ended up choosing the one in Olomouc.

I also started my blog (in Czech) around this time. I sometimes post, but, more often than not, I have nothing to write about.

Sometimes I take some photos, but I'm no professional 😆.

Interpreting and Translation Career

2016 -

Since graduating high school, I've started interpreting and translating pretty much full-time. I've had a few more scientific articles published and I'm trying to get into software localization, subtitling and literature translation.

I've also been hard at work interpreting, interpreting at the Czecho-Slovak Waze Meetups I've talked about before, where my clients are from Israel. Moreover, I've interpreted at a few tech conferences, but I'm trying to keep it versatile.

My most bizarre interpreting job was simultaneous interpreting of a japanese adult video into English 😄.