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Interpreter, translator, proofreader

Czech, English, Japanese

Translation and proofreading of scientific articles, software localization,
presentation and conference interpreting




Scientific text30USD/s.p.
Technical text20USD/s.p.
Non-technical text15USD/s.p.

Proofreading of Czech

Scientific text20USD/s.p.
Non-technical text10USD/s.p.

Interpreting of Czech and English


All prices include VAT

Translator and proofreader

Scientific articles

The comparison of the effect of sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, carboxymethyl cellulose and xanthan gum on rice-buckwheat dough rheological characteristics and textural and sensory quality of bread The effect of Chios mastic gum addition on the characteristics of rice dough and bread The relationship between rheological characteristics of gluten-free dough and the quality of biologically leavened bread The Behavior of Amaranth, Chickpea, Millet, Corn, Quinoa, Buckwheat and Rice Doughs Under Shear Oscillatory and Uniaxial Elongational Tests Simulating Proving and Baking Porovnání schopnosti bezlepkového těsta produkovat kypřící plyn během pečení a jeho vliv na kvalitu pečiva


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Presentation interpreting

2017 Czecho-Slovak Waze Meetup 2016 Czecho-Slovak Waze Meetup

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